Monday, April 4, 2011

Funniest. Morning. Ever.

With my camera on the fritz and still waiting for my new one to arrive in the mail, I feel like I'm missing TONS of crazy Scarlett-isms (all of her cute outfits, too!) I'm whipping out a quick post about the funniest morning ever...

Scarlett has always loved mirrors.  She stares at herself in every mirror she spots, she gives herself love and kisses, she makes funny faces at our reflections and her's.  There is a full-length mirror in our upstairs hall, so she has lots of time in front of it!  Well, this morning, I was walking into her room, but she had stayed behind to play with her bath toys outside of the tub (I had just rinsed them and she was throwing them back into the tub.  Awesomeness.).  To grab her attention, I started singing, "Come see Mum!  Come, come see Mum!"  You know, your typical mommy rap.  Well, she started to walk into the hallway, spotted her reflection, started bopping her head and swinging her arms, and shaking her biscuits!  She was full-on dancing to my mommy jam while watching herself in the mirror.

It was hilarious!  Maybe you just had to be there, but it started my Monday of well!


  1. How funny! Gotta love priceless moments like those.

  2. Funny! I so wish you had pictures of that! Also, love the sparkles!!!!

  3. funny funny funny!!!
    please stop by and say hi