Monday, April 18, 2011

Raining Day Fun

Baking with my {almost} three year old niece, Alyssa, is lots of extra work, but well worth it.  The reason it's so much more is because Alyssa demands wants to be the one to pour all of the ingredients into the bowl AND it's more work because Scarjo is left unentertained.  Not cool.  Soooo, that just means that Scarlett is all up in my business and needs to be given a job if our baking creations are ever going to make it into the oven.  So that's just what I did:
Clearly, she takes her work seriously!
I gave Scarlett the important job of playing with chocolate chips in the measuring cup.  She thoroughly enjoyed it!  And while Scarjo snacked on chocolate chips, Alyssa "unwrapped" the butter...
Don't worry, Alyssa germs never hurt anyone!  I needed to add a little bit extra butter due to the chunks missing off of her stick.  It was more work, but definitely worth it in the end; oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies are heavenly!  We used this recipe and the end result may not have been as pretty, but they sure were delish!

I gave each girl a wand with a little cookie dough left on--they were happy!

My finished product!

The oreo middle!

Chocolate everywhere!
These look amazing; I'll have to attempt them next...!

(And, yes, we had to run around the house a few times to work off all of that sugar!)

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