Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy {early} Friday, Peeps!

I'm going to share with you, my nine lovely followers, what I'm looking at on the web.  I saw this idea here and thought it would just be fun!   Usually, I'm a wham, bam, thank you ma'am kind of web browser.  I hit the usuals: facebook,, blogger dashboard.  Done.  BUT as I discover new & interesting blogs/people, I've been spending more of Scarlett's nap time perusing the web rather than watching The View.  Here's what I've discovered lately:

  • I love Shannon's run-down of celebrity news.  It's quick and to the point and I usually agree with her opinions (even though I'm DYING to watch the Royal Wedding!!!!)
  •  These are perfect for Easter!!  They look a little crazy, but I have a feeling Alyssa would have a ball making them!
  • Sads for Mary & Brian, but even depressed, Mary's still fun!
  • HELLO, motivation
  • It should be a sin to look this amazing 3 weeks after giving birth.  Not fair!  Her baby is cute, too.  (and I'm loving her quote!)
  • This is just ridiculous!  Seriously laughable.  I'm sorry in advance!
  • Now this I just discovered, but I'm totally obsessed!  Yes, yes, and yes!!!
  • I want this to hang in Scarlett's room!  Is that weird?!  
  • confuses me as to it's purpose, but I still like to look at the pictures!  See:
  • And my favorite find of the day?  A website completely dedicated to the Royal Wedding, obv!!!

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  1. OMG Strawberry Souffle dress! That might have just changed my life! We'll have to find some occasions to dress up this summer! I can think of a couple...!

    Also, I totes don't get weheartit either, but maybe pretty things are fun to look at? Except for KM's eyeliner. It feels like we need to have an intervention.