Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Big Girl

Little Miss Katie Scarlett is FIFTEEN months old!  Time is going by too quickly for me, but we are still nursing at nap time and bed time, so I'm cherishing it while it lasts.  (I am a little concerned that it may never end, too!)  As a 15-month-old, Scarlett's favorite thing to do is anything that I'm doing; works for me!  She follows me around the house and mimics what I'm doing.  She'll "help" me put the dishes away by taking tupperware from the cupboard and putting it back into the dishwasher and she empties her clean clothes from the basket by picking them up, whipping them in the air (like she sees me do when I fluff them before I fold them) and then just drops them on the floor and dives in for the next piece of clothing!  When I change her diaper, Scarlett likes to have a wipe, too, that she uses to wipe herself while I do it.  So sweet and I just think she is the smartest baby ever!  So far, I'm enjoying 15 months as the best age...!