Monday, April 4, 2011


       Scarlett will be 15 months in two weeks.  We are still co-sleeping and breastfeeding.  She doesn't nurse to eat, she mostly just lets it soothe her to sleep.  We nurse once during the day and she falls right asleep for her nap.  (The upsides are that is she is my little baby again for that 1-2 block of time and she's on my lap, so it's impossible to clean!  Ahhh, hello blogger!)  And then we nurse periodically throughout the night when she wakes up; I use nursing to soothe her back to sleep quickly.  (she never took to a pacifier)  Once she hit one year old, I started to warm up to the idea of weaning, but I honestly just love nursing and never want it to end, however, I was beginning to get nervous that Scarlett would never self-wean.  On top of nursing and co-sleeping, during Scarlett's entire life, I've just been following her lead.  We never had a set schedule; so she would sleep or eat whenever she wanted/needed to.  This worked for us because we were lucky enough to have me stay home with her full-time.  (obviously, hence the name, "Staying Home with Scarlett.")  If I could know that Scarlett would wean at a certain age, I would not be worried at all, but weaning seems to be creeping into my thoughts and blogs that I've been reading a lot lately and Scarlett still seems content to nurse.  Baby-led weaning has been the way I had always envisioned the end to Scarlett nursing, but then I stumbled across this article and have been really considering it for our family.  I love that Dr. Gordon encourages a family bed and that his method is not about complete weaning, just nighttime weaning.  For the past three nights, I have been putting off trying to start the twn day process until there was a night where I wasn't too exhausted to have enough patience.  And then an amazing thing happened...Scarlett put herself to sleep!  Just like that.  We did our regular bedtime routine and I still nursed her, but she was restless and kept flipping herself onto her belly and make silly faces at me or singing until I joined in (I know it was counterproductive to join her singing and giggle at her silly faces, but she is just irresistable!).  The fourth time that she flipped herself over, she scooched right up, rested her head on my pillow, and just layed there snuggled up against me.  Eventually, I felt her heavy, rhythmic breathing and knew she had asleep.  Words cannot describe how happy I am!  Going forward, I'm going to continue to trust my instincts and trust that Scarlett will lead the way in what works for her! 
PS--Although, if she's still nursing and I'm STILL not sleeping through the night and it becomes an issue, I'm so using the nighttime weaning method...fingers crossed it doesn't get to that though...!

PPS--On an unrelated note, I gave Scarlett a cloth and told her to wash her face.  Instead, she opened up her mouth and started "brushing" her teeth.  We clearly still need to work on our body parts...!

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  1. I have a book to solve all of your problems. But, since you doubted my sleep book so much, I'm not going to share. And probably give your NS's dirty looks when I get there...

    Get excited!