Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cannot. Get. Enough.

I want to be her friend.

This is a little ebarrassing to admit, but I'll go ahead and say it: I am obsessed with the Royal Wedding and everything British.  Now you may find yourself asking, "whaaat, the wedding was last week?!"  I know, I know, but my dvr is still FULL of wedding programs and I must watch them all.  From the secret whispers between Prince Harry and William to the juicy after-party deets...I want to know everything.  Was Chelsy Harry's plus one, really?  What about Pippa, I thought she and Harry had chemistry...maybe there's another Wales/Middleton union in the future?!  (I'm totally on Team Pippa.) What did Harry say in his speech?!  I may be sliiightly jealous that I am not the new Duchess of Cambridge, but shhhI'm also quite fascinated by the fact that Kate Middleton managed to pull off a flawless appearence; she made literally no mistakes

Anyway, I'm rambling now, and there are far more important things going around in the world, but I can't help, but spend my free time during naps & nighttime to get all caught up on any deets the press has been able to scrounge around and get from the insiders.  I've also been considering naming my next daughter, Catherine, but I'm afraid that won't work because I already have a Katie, right?  Maybe Diana?!  We'll see...!

Now I do truly at least want to visit Great Britain to stalk the new Duke and Duchess go sightseeing & really just to hear that accent all over!!  Delightful!  And Mary and I have decided that fascinators are absolutely going to be a part of our wardrobes from now on.  How did fancy hats and fascinators not catch on in America?!  Just another reason why I belong in London. 

Obviously, I was most excited to see THE DRESS.  Now I remember my first reaction when I saw Kate Middleton step out of the car; underwhelmed.  I think I felt underwhelmed by the dress's modesty because I didn't fully realize the properness that was expected of Kate's choice.  I knew that she had to have her shoulders covered, but I still wanted girly, frills!  I guess that's just not her style.  The more I look at pictures of the Duchess, the more I love it!  She looked amazing, even though she was just a bit tame for my taste!


I have some shows to get to to...cheerio!

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  1. I am obsessed with her too! She is just so classy. I was a bit underwhelmed at first too with her dress choice, but now I just love it. I think we can look back in 10 or 20 or even 30 years and still think that was a beautiful dress. Very classic. Have a great day girl!