Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy When Caffeinated

Today didn't start out as a fantastic day, but it's shaping out to be pretty fun, in an uneventful, happy baby type of way. 

I woke up thinking about the Dunkin' Donuts coffees (yes, plural!) that I was going to get as soon as Scarlett woke up and we could drive to the nearest drive thru.  I had decided to get the usual Great One with a turbo shot and then to get a small iced coffee to drink on the ride home.  This time of year is tricky because it's finally so sunny, buuuut it's still pretty chilly, so I can never choose between hot or cold coffee...decision, decisions, I know.  Ok, so I was clearly excited for my gallon of coffee...until I got this call:

T:  "Ihaveyourkeyinmypocket.  I know, I can't believe I took it.  It was still in my pants from last night.  I am wearing the same pants.  I called you at 8 o'clock to get this convo over with assoonaspossible, but you didn't answer."  (I have no idea why he wears the same pants 2 days in a row.  I don't do his laundry.  Maybe that's the problem!)
M: (surpirisingly calm) "Are you serious?"
T:  "Yes, I'msosorry.  I cannot believe it!"  (he knew I was excited for coffee)
M:  "Murdermurdermurder.  I was cleaning the toy room, not sleeping when you called.  FYI."  (I could totally hear the judge-y-ness in his voice!)
So, needless to say, DD was not in my immediate future.  Saaaaad for me.  But then my day started to look up...I found a bag of ice and decided that I would make my own coffee.  I cleaned my entire kitchen.  It's super-sunny here and so Scarlett and I are heading to the playground soon...after I blog with insane amounts of caffeine coursing through my veins!  

Yesterday was pretty nice, too.  Scarlett took her first walk around the neighborhood.  She was hilarious as she teetered her way over the uneven sidewalks.  It made me so happy that we are deciding to fix our house instead of move; we live in the best dead end neighborhood that is perfect for kids who play outside all summer!

There were neighborhood kids riding their bikes outside and Scarlett kept looking at them, willing them with her eyes to come play with her.  They were busy.  (Luckily for Scarjo, Lulu will be here soon, so she'll have a playmate whether Lulu wants in or not.)

On top of being ignored by the neighbors, Scarjo had a spill once we got inside.  It was a rough one for her!  She climbs on her pink adironack chair in our livingroom all the time.  Normally, she's pretty smooth, but last night she tripped on the carpet and bashed her face into the corner of the chair.  :( She has a bruise on her cheek...poor baby!

Ok, off to the playground...

PS--My daughter chews on paper towels, napkins, diaper wipes, you name this normal??  Fruitcake baby!  I literally have to catch her before she eats it!

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