Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Let's Compare...

So, there's been this thing going on in our families ever since Scarlett was born, about who she looks the most like.  And by thing, I mean disagreement.  When she was first born, she was crazy scary looking.  So unbelievably not cute that I contemplated changing her name.  Seriously.  Had I wasted my favorite name on a baby that looks like the sea creatures from The Little Mermaid?  I sure hoped not, but from day one, it was looking like she was all Tyler.  (not that there's anything wrong with that, just sayin')  He was happy that it wasn't the mailman's baby (his hilarious running joke), but was sort of hoping that she'd look at least a little bit like me.  And so the argument discussion began...!  Every new picture that I'd post on my facebook page would warrant a comment from Tyler's family members saying how she looks "soooo much like Tyler when he was a baby" or "I know you hate to hear this, but she looks just like Tyler."  One of aunts was so obnoxious that I just blocked her from even viewing my pictures.  It sounds like I am a bitter, eh?  Well, it's really a silly thing to discuss anymore because Scarlett is (finally) just a cute little lady and whether she looks like Tyler or like me, I obviously still love her bunches x100!  But let's compare...just for fun...!

We are all pretty cute little kids.  My mom and I agree that even Tyler doesn't look like baby Tyler!  I'd say that Scarlett's a pretty good mix-up of us both; my hair, eyes, and eyebrows - Tyler's lips, twinkle toes, and chin. 

When she was just a few days old, I told you, sea. creature. 


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