Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dear Britney

I seem like a total blogging slacker due to my lack of posts, but really I'm an over-achiever blogger who never can seem to get the post actually typed out from what's written in my head.  I wake up most nights around 3am and write post after post.  Last week, I wrote letters to Britney.  Her new album was released last Tuesday and I really felt, at 3am, Britney needed some serious advice (something like, "Um, you're almost 30 and a mother to two young children.  Let's chill with the dance club tunes and get a little more creative/mature.")  I love me some Britney Spears, but I also want her to grow up.  And, on top of her cheesy dance music, she seems to be not really all there.  Like she's taken just a few too many anxiety pills and she's reeeeally mellow.  It makes me sad to watch her performances because, to me, it looks like she'd rather be doing a million other things.  She reminds me of a circus elephant.  Sads for Britney; if only she lived closer, so we could do play dates!  ;)

Anyway, my point is that I blog my head.  That sorts counts!  I read this post a minute ago and realized that I don't really need to make sacrifices to be a more active blogger and I should not use it as an excuse to quit the gym, but I am not the only one who struggles to make time to blog and that instead of stalking, I should write a post, so here I am...

A crazy thing happened today.  I read Parenting magazine, from cover to cover, in one sitting.  How did I manage that with a 14 month old, you might ask?  Well, it was really amazing!  Alyssa, my niece, was still napping, so Scarlett and I had to be really quiet.  I just grabbed the magazine and Scarlett and headed up to the playroom.  I sat on the floor and started reading and Scarlett walked around the room playing and managed to ENTERTAIN HERSELF for an entire hour!  It was heaven!  Every once in a while, she'd mosey on over and we'd look at the babies and she would say, "Baby!" in her high-pitched squeaky voice that she uses for any baby, kitty, or puppy.  Cuteness!  And then she'd just move on to the next thing that piqued her interest.  It was the first magazine that I have read since Scarlett was born!  This is huge!  I feel like we've entered into a whole new stage and I'm excited about it! 

My old camera has DIED.  It may have something to do with the fact that I let Scarlett and Alyssa take their own pictures with it (I love to see what they see from their perspective!  Tyler doesn't appreciate it as much!) or that I drop it all. the. time. Either way, my picture selection is pretty slim.  Luckily for me, I have a sister with a camera and pictures to hijack until my camera arrives in the mail!  Enjoy a view into our 2 weeks with the Clunies!

Scarlett's new least she's entertained while I shop!

Sprinkles everywhere!

Cousin photos; only Alyssa was missing...

Thank you, Auntie Mary, for the cutest pigtails ever!

Little Baby Hulu!

Scarjo, Auntie Mary, Uncle Brian, Tyler's sister, Shannon, and Louisa

Scarlett decided to share...!

Typical of Lulu AND Scarjo's grump face!

Scarlett's version of dramababy.

Scarlett and Louisa

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