Thursday, August 9, 2012

Visiting Frank!

When I was in college, my grandfather-figure passed away at the age of 69. As devastated as I was for myself at the time, I don't think I realized how final death really is.

Now that I have Scarlett, awesome nieces, and baby 2 on the way, I want to share them with Frank! I want him to love them and take a million pictures of them, just like he used to with me and my siblings. It's frustrating to me that I can't actually see Frank loving my babies, Alyssa, and Louisa, but going to visit his grave is really a comfort. I get sad that we're in a cemetery instead of sitting in Frank's yellow, 1960's kitchen, eating our body weight in ice cream and cookies and candy, but I love that his grave gets fresh flowers, so everyone knows he's loved!

It's a happy thing that I do with Scarlett and we've even added to the fun by visiting her favorite flower store first to pick our flowers; there are "puppy wogs" there that make Scarlett freak out with happiness!

Here are a few instagrams that I took while we were there!

Right before we left, Scarlett started using the Bartlett headstone as her own balance beam.  Most people might be horrified by that, but I know Frank was loving it!  That was his favorite part of my family; we are all wild and crazy fun, happy people!  Watching Scarlett, I would have given anything to see Frank's face.  She is just as crazy as we all are and Frank would have been so entertained!  

I'm not even gonna lie, Scarlett was not okay with leaving her flower behind.  Only when I promised that we'd visit the "puppy wogs" again soon did she agree to say goodbye to her flower!

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