Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fancy Nancy Ice Cream Soiree!

We had a night out on the town last night!  Our local library hosted an Ice Cream Soiree (I just love the word, soiree!)  based on the character, Fancy Nancy.   Mary and I dressed up the girls and headed out for our night of fun!

After our mini-photoshoot, we were ready for some fun!  It turned out to be a really cute party, but I wish that I'd prepared Scarlett better in understanding exactly who is Fancy Nancy.  The books are a little above her reading level, so we haven't read them yet!  We'll be ready for next year's soiree...!

When we arrived at the library, they had the "red carpet" rolled out for all the Fancy Nancys and Dapper Dans to pose and have their picture taken!  I thought it was such a fantastic idea!  (Hello, future birthday party activity!)

The librarian was the photographer and she captured a great picture of the two girls together, but once Scarlett and Louisa relaxed a bit, we hit up the red carpet again; they were more than happy to pose for us!

Time for ice cream!

A little skeptical of all the strangers!

No stranger danger for Lulu; she was just psyched for the chocolate sauce!

Mamie and Neeners!

After the ice cream, crown decorating, and face painting, the girls were ready to head out!  Lulu and Mary left a little too early, though, and missed out on FLOWERS!  Those little pink roses made Scarlett's night!

She added a little toe pointing for extra fanciness!  

Now where was Tyler, you may ask?!  Well, he totally spaced the whole thing and ended up at Cam's soccer practice instead where he kept my mom company and played with Alyssa Lou!  At least he wins the Uncle of the Year Award!  ;)

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