Thursday, August 9, 2012

MUST HAVES for Baby 2

I'm pulling a modg and making a list of stuff I like that I want/need for baby 2.  Hopefully, this will keep me organized and once I have it all, I'll feel super-prepared for the arrival of the baby!  On top of shopping, I have a to-do list that's forever long!  The upstairs of our house needs to be completely rearranged because all the bedrooms are changing, Scarjo's going to actually sleep in her room, and I need to wash and sort through baby clothes from the last 3 baby girls in the family and decide what we need.  Oh yeah, aaaand I still have to sort through Scarjo's closet and figure out what she needs, too!  Ahhh, the stress!!!  I'll just stick with the internet shopping.  It's less stressful and way more fun!!!

We need to buy baby 2 a car seat.  Scarjo's car seat has expired.  Lame because I loved it so much, but car seat shopping isn't so bad!  Now the Maxi Cosi Prezi would be the perfect car seat.  The Prezi is almost as perfect and amazing as this, BUT only a little less spendy!  I can still dream...

Prezi love!

even if we're probably going to go with this car seat or this one.  They're both really safe and definitely fit into my strollers.  Perfect!  We'll see...up next?  A mirror for the back seat!  This one looks awesome and I love all Baby Einstein products.

Entertainment and helps me make sure Scarjo's not poking the baby.

We also need to buy baby 2 a bath tub.  Puj tub?  YES, please!

Fancy baby things are awesome.

But then I found this:

Less expensive and different from what I used the first around!

It's PINK!  Definitely a serious contender!

I'm planning on sticking both girls in the big bath tub together once baby 2 can sit up, so we'll need one of these, too!
Dreambaby Deluxe Bath Seat

In order to get back in shape after baby 2 is born, I'll be doing the 3 mile loop near my house with BOTH babies (unless I can work out some kind of deal with Mary!), so I'll need to pick up a second seat to fit my stroller.  

It will look so clean next to Scarlett's glitter covered seat.  At least at first!  

I wanted to try this with Scarlett, but it was never in stock in our town, so I just forgot about it eventually.  I'd like to get this for baby 2 from the get-go because lots of friends have sworn that it's magic at putting babies to sleep!  Sign me up!

When baby 2 is starting to teeth, I want to use this necklace!  I also never got around to purchasing one for Scarjo because teething was no biggie for her, but I think the concept is neat!  

Plus, Tori Spelling uses it, so it must be awesome!  

This whole list really is kind of boring, but definitely necessary.  Fun, girly things that I want for baby 2 are more frivolous, but make the whole "getting ready for baby" exciting without spending too much!

Scarlett never used a pacifier, but I'm going to stick one of those bad boys into baby 2's mouth as soon as she's figured out the nursing thing.  I'm legit bringing a stash to the hospital.  And these are so pretty!  I'm a fan!

GumDrop Newborn Pacifier

Baby 2's due date is October 27.  Now this makes things tricky because what if she comes early?  She'll definitely need a festive outfit, but then if I buy a festive outfit and then she comes late (like Scarlett), that would be a waste.  I found my solution at!  

PERFECT!  Baby 2 needs knit hats, so this really would be fun!  And if she's born late, these are still adorable and can absolutely be worn all through the fall and winter months.  Love!  But the best part of it all???  Look at these little booties!  I am DYING for them!  My babies never wear shoes until they're way older, but these are pretty much just cozy socks!  Cozy socks that I want to wear.  

Speaking of knit hats, I need this in my life.  Kelle Hampton put baby Nella in the cutest knit hat when she was in the hospital, so she has inspired me to do the same.  Etsy is the ruler of all things cozy and handmade, so that's where I found the best knits.  This one is from Chloe's Crochet Closet.

And this one from knoodleknits is making me giddy for baby girls!!!

Eeeek!!!  I'm excited!!!!  Only 11 weeks and and 2 days left before PBS makes her arrival...!!!  I'd better start getting my business together!

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