Monday, January 30, 2012

TEETH. Secret confession style.

Scarlett has had some teeth trouble.

It is all because *TMI warning* we nursed with a nipple shield (or NS as we call it in our household!) and it acted like a bottle nipple would have in that it caught the milk and let it slowly drip into Scarlett's mouth even after she fell asleep.  Blech!  It has been a nightmare for me because we all just take care of our teeth and have minimal cavities, if any at all, so this came as a shock.  To add to the shock, I was uneducated in anything to do with bottle-feeding, so I had no idea the milk was slowly rotting her teeth.  I didn't even know it was possible.  The nurses at the hospital never mentioned it to me, but who can really blame them; I was adamant that I would wean Scarlett from her NS asap.  Little did I know that she would have nothing to do with that!  They assumed that she'd just be nursed regularly, so her teeth were never a concern for them, I'm assuming.

Anyway, the reason I'm being open about this now is because a.) it feels good to get it off my chest, b.) we have another dentist appointment next week and I'm nervous as to what they'll say about her increasing decay, and c.) because The Poe Fam just had a post about going to the dentist, cavities, and sedation.  It really made me feel better.  I'm not alone.  Maybe this post will do that for someone else!

I'm not sure what the dentist will say about Scarlett's teeth when we go.  We have been using MI paste, but her enamel is still as good as gone on her two front teeth and the two teeth on the top, left side of her mouth.  I'm pretty confident that we'll have to have her teeth capped, but I'm not sure how old they'll want her to be.  That will involve hospital sedation.  Scary.

What a relief when this whole ordeal is all over!  On the bright side, at least these are her temporary teeth and you can't tell in pictures!!!

They're dancing!  Swearsies. 

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