Thursday, January 26, 2012

Future Gymnast. I can just tell.

So Scarlett had her first gymnastics class this afternoon.  We were late, of course, so we rushed in and I just start striping off her outer layers down to her (super cute) leotard and half- pushed her onto the blue mat.  The gymnastics instructor was already stretching with the other five gymnasts, so Scarlett just looked at me and slink-crawls back to me.

Okay, the beginning of the the class may have had a rough start.  Especially when she refused to roll down the triangle thingy and we missed half of the obsticle course, but then things started looking up...

It was time to hit the bars!

After all the other kids had their turns, the instructor reluctantly called out Scarlett's name.  Scarlett was surprisingly enthusiastic.

She quietly walked up to the teacher and lifted her arms...and the rest is history.  She rocked it.  Scarlett could hold herself up!  She did the spider, the peek-a-boo game, AND the hot dog.  All the other moms were commenting on how strong she was.  (I was loooving it)  And Scarlett had fun, too.  ;)

I see her on the USA gymnastics team in the summer olympics 2028.  She's that good!  Or maybe I'm just a proud Mum!  Either way, gymnastics was a success!

Scarlett did look pretty darn cute too:

Super-shy of the big kids taking over the gym after her class!

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