Tuesday, January 3, 2012

HAPPY Twenty Twelve!

2012 has not been kind to me so far.  Well, until today.  Holy smokes, our house got the flu.  Ew.  It was horrible.  First Mary was sick on New Year's Eve and I was all, "Ew.  You look gross and pasty."  I'm a bit cold & heartless when comes to being sick.  If you don't take meds, you can't complain.  Little did I know that the thought of even ginger ale makes you want to DIE.  Even though I felt very little sympathy, like a good sister, I went and got Mary some drugs at Wal*Mart and took Little Lu with Scarjo and me to give Mary a break.  A little grudgingly, I'll admit...

And then Sunday came.

By noon, I was on the couch.  Karma was not my friend!  Blahhhhh!  And like the best sister ever, Mary entertained my little monsterbaby all afternoon.  Tyler got home at 4pm, and I sent him away with Scarlett to go get dinner and just keep her away from my sickness.

When they came back, Scarlett was such whiner.  She kept saying, "na-nights.  na-nights."  I was SO annoyed and kept trying to feed her dinner because I thought she was just hungry.  Little did I know, poor little thing was feeling the flu, too!  We went upstairs to go to bed, saw "Frexy" and took this picture.
"Flove for Frexy!"  --Scarlett
Looking back at it, I should've know she was sick; her eyes were so glassy, but it took her getting sick all over herself 20 minutes later for it to finally sink in.  Duh!  Little Scarjo is a sick-o!  It was the wooorst feeling, though because I couldn't even take care of myself, let alone a sick baby.  I barely pulled it together and we snuggled/were sick all night.  I made Tyler sleep downstairs with the baby monitor on, so that every time we needed anything, I could just call him up.  When Scarjo was sick, I would holler to Tyler and he would come running to help pick up and wash everything.

Well, at 2am, Scarlett woke up and wanted her "wa-wa-yeah." I handed her the cup that I had, but she wanted her water to come in her baby's cup.  I said that it was downstairs, so she yells, "Da!  Wa-wa-yeah!"  Haha, girlfriend knows what's up!  Tyler was so sound asleep that he missed it, but he got a kick out of it when I retold the story the next morning.

Thankfully, we are all healthy in this house now!  And even more thankfully, Tyler didn't catch it!  (He is suuuuch a baby when he's sick.  He kept saying, "blech!  ugh!  I think I'm getting sick.  I feel queasy...I think I'll be sick tomorrow...puuuh-lease!)  

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