Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Two words: Nap. Time.

Aaahhhhh!  I'm sitting here, exercised, freshly showered and moisturized, watching The View while Scarlett sleeps upstairs...HEAVEN!  For some reason, Scarlett has been forgetting to nap this week.  It's all fine and good until 4pm comes around.  Lulu Watch out!

Anyway, after a two week hiatus from my blog, I have to tell you what I've been doing's not that amazing, so don't excited...!  I've been spending my evenings reading Kelle Hampton's blog!!!  I know, wild and crazy!

I discovered her blog through this post and have followed her ever since, but I never spent the time to go back and read her story.  Turns out, we had miscarriages within days of each other in 2009 and then delivered our little girls three days apart in 2010!  These similarities of the big events in our lives sucked me in.  Kelle is just so happy about life that she makes me want to be the same way!

Even though no one is my family admits to being smushy, I have to say that the way Kelle communicates her love for her daughters makes me happy.  I feel like that about Scarlett, but it's so hard to put that absolute love into words.  Kelle totally does that and her pictures just inspire me to take more of our everyday life!!!

Oh, and speaking of pictures...there will be lots when guess who turns TWO tomorrow...!???!!?!  It's hard to believe that my little Katie Scarlett is growing up so quickly...but it's true!  And there will be lots of birthday fun to be had!

We have toddler fun planned for the entire day and I cannot even wait!!!  In preparation, we are going to be painting her nails bright pink!  She loves to have her nails painted, so I think this afternoon will be a party!!!  Creating a toddler day of fun = lots of work for Mary, Tyler, and me!  We have to blow up balloons, wrap gifts, and make sure that we are all ready to start the day off ready, bright & early because we have doughnuts to devour, Toddler Time to attend, and presents to open! (Tyler has the day off, so he'll get to go to the Alfond Center with us!!)

Fun things that we're not going to be doing??  Birthday partying.  I know, horrible mother award right here, BUT I feel like there are only a few more years that we can get away with a fun, sparkle day with cake and presents instead of a crazy-hectic, friend-filled day with cake on the side and a little mummy love squished in there somewhere.  That's right, I'm hogging my birthday girl!  (and getting through a birthday with no stress!)

We're all in birthday mode here, so I'm off to blow up some balloons!  Birthday pictures to come, for sure!!!

Happy last day as a ONE-year-old, my little lady!

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