Sunday, January 22, 2012

She's TWO!

Scarlett turned two on January 19, 2012!!!

Last year, Tyler and I invited his extended family to come to my mom's house for a joined birthday party.  It went smoothly and everyone got along, but it was SOOO stressful for me.  Planning for the party was lots more work than I had anticipated and then entertaining guests meant that I couldn't really focus on Scarlett.  (We did have friends there, so that made it more fun!!!  Scarlett spent half the day just giving Delia hugs -- too cute!)

So this year, we did things a bit differently.

It was a Thursday, so Tyler took the day off and we spent it with Louisa and Mary doing things that Scarlett loves to do!  It was her day, after all!

So, she woke up to this:

I love her morning bed head hair!!!  

When she took a break from her babies, we showed her the toy room that was filled with balloons!

She and Lulu loved them!!!  Fiiiine, it was all Mary's idea, but it was a good one!  I think we'll have to do this for all of the future baby's birthdays!

Next, we went to Tim Horton's!!!  They have the beeeest sour cream doughnuts.  YUM!  Yeah, so that tradition might be a selfish one...ha!

After doughnuts, we headed over to Toddler Time!  Scarlett and Louisa both love it; the organizer just sets up tons of different toys in a huge open gym and lets the babies go wild!  It's fun to have a completely new selection of toys and we get to meet new friends!  Tyler has never been, so this was a treat for him, too!

We're almost there!

After Toddler Time, the little ones were ready for a loooong nap!  (YES!)  So we went home for a snooze/free time!  Auntie Molly stopped in just in time to see the Birthday Girl before her nap, so we chit-chatted for a bit!!!

Scarlett had lots of gifts to open, so when she woke up, we got a head start!

Baby Stella!

When Louisa was up, we packed up the gifts, cake, and ice cream and headed over to my mom's to finish our low-key celebration!

New location, new birthday outfit!

Scarjo and her Cup o' Sprinkles!
Mum and me!
Had to get at least one with Tyler!
She's still munching on those sprinkles!
READY for cake!

practice blows!

I forgot her candles at home.  Such a FAIL!
Mary, Lulu, Mum, and Cam!

Mary & Mum!
After cake and ice cream, Scarjo opened her presents!  What fun!

She opened puzzles, books, mail-themed gifts (she is a fan of the mailman!!!), and babies galore!!!  It took longer than we had anticipated, so it was a late night for the girls, but definitely worth the lack of sleep...

Once the gifts were open, the babies played while we cleaned and packed everything in the jeep!

Scarlett and her favorite baby of the day!

Scarjo & Lulu!
The next day was like Christmas!  We organized all of the new toys and set up the princess castle.

I think she's a fan!

It's hilarious because when she is in there and she can't see you, she doesn't realize that I still know what she's doing!  Sneaky, sneaky!

It was an A-MAZ-ING day with zero stress and insane amounts of little girl fun!!!  Such a success!

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