Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Because I can't post this on Facebook.

Scarlett is the SMARTEST. BABY. EVER!  Bam!  Said it.  Ok, I will say that I remember Alyssa doing this, but still...so smart!

We were driving into the Marden's parking lot and Scarjo says, "Mummy 'S'!"  AHHHH!  I encouraged the bejesus out of her and said, "Yessss!  Scarjo!  There's an 'S'!!!"

A-MAZ-ING!  We had talked about S's and practiced writing them yesterday, but I just can't believe she spotted it in an unfamiliar sign without being prompted!  Yaaaay!

There.  Done bragging.  (!!!!)

On a completely different note, here are some pictures from Christmas!  It was so long ago, it seems, but I just have to have some evidence of our family fun on my blog!  And Lulu was here this year, yay!  (I'm just going to admit that Lu may have had a little bit more fun with her gifts if she had still been stuck in the Arctic.  At least there's no Scarjo in Alaska to steal every toy you open!)  Mary and I tried so hard to make it perfect by buying each girl the same amount of gifts and mostly even the same gifts, but slightly different.  Still, without fail, once Lu's gift was open, Scarjo moved in for the steal trade.  I feel like it comes with the "little sister-ish" territory...right?!!!

Santa DID come!  Let's hope there's no coal in your stocking, Scarjo!
 (Also, please note my half-cross-stitched stocking.  Thank you, Mum, for never finishing "MEG."  It haunts me to this day!  ;)

Crooked picture.  Crooked tree.

She sat in the box for the majority of the morning!

Now who's idea was the metal weapon shopping cart?!

Camdyn (my mom's new daughter), Alyssa Lou, and Miss Louisa Violet Francis

Camdyn picked this out.  It is currently hidden out of Scarlett's sight.

Alyssa giving love, so everyone can see!
Another exciting thing happened during the holiday season; Mary won a free photo session with a local photographer!!!  She used the opportunity to get all of our girls' pictures taken in their matching Christmas dresses and jammies.  It was fantastic...until the photographer started pulling out her props.  Oh my.  And then she took her sweet time setting up each girl for individual shots.  With so many little ones, time is of the essence...it was nightmare-ish trying to keep them entertained and happy!  On the bright side, at least we have some decent shots with the girls all together...and they were free!

Now we have another photo shoot scheduled for the end of January.  My mom is in charge and has been emailing the poor lady with descriptions of the girls' personalities and what she'd like to capture...among other things.  We're even supposed to have individual mother/daughter shots; that I'm looking forward to!  

Happy Thursday!!!  It's two weeks until Scarlett's SECOND birthday.  Wow!!!  

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  1. I love that your stocking isn't finished!

    And Scarlett sounds absolutely BRILLIANT. You SHOULD be proud. :)