Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What I'm Loving Lately.

I'm feeling like I'm in a blogging mood, but I'm just not fun & bubbly enough to write full paragraphs that go together/I was bopping around town last night and thought of too many blog ideas, so I'm smushing the ideas into one post and being lazing and making it a list! Get excited to read what I'm loving right this second...!

  • BEYONCE. I love that she's pregnant. I love her album 4. I love all of her fun, dance-y music videos. I love how excited Jay-Z was when she announced her pregnancy. I am loving me some Beyonce! (#'s 2, 3, 7, and 10 are the best songs on 4, fyi.)

    • This blog. Mary discovered it, like she always does, so at least I'm giving her the finder's credit! Cely rocks, even if her name is a bit wonky!
    • This blog, too!!!! I know, Kelle annoys me sometimes because she makes me feel like a mom FAIL after how awesome she is with her girls, BUT she is also inspiring, her photos are A-MAZ-ING, and her writing flows so well. I bet she doesn't do lists. Dang! Oh, and she is SUPER-EXTRA-CHRISTMAS-Y this time of year. Love!
    • More music! Rihanna's We Found Love. It's really fun and her accent is pretty!
    • They're called reindeer noses in our house and they are sinful. And adding the holiday lbs as we speak. Dang, Mary, and her baking skills.
    • Our garbage men. I know, so strange. BUT they are the most friendly guys on earth. Swear. The old man with the big grey beard who drives the truck isn't even scary because he waves his little heart out every Wednesday morning. Scarjo loses her bananas whenever she sees an orange truck around town, but especially if it's making it's way down our street. We sit in our driveway or front window and just watch and wave. It's pretty cute, all the way around! So, tomorrow, we're bringing them cookies in their own plastic containers. I baked them, so it's not that exciting, but it makes me happy for them to know how much I appreciate them taking the time to be friendly to Scarjo & Neiners!

    Ok, so their relationship had a rocky start!
    • CHRISTMAS CARDS in the mail make me giddy! Like I race to see the mail everyday hoping to find more cards from friends! I showed you mine here!
    • Another blog that I find extra interesting because her daughter, Everly, is two weeks older than Scarlett and their milestones are so similar! It's neat to read about other little girls like my little one!
    • Watching Scarlett go crazy in the back seat to Adele's Rumour Has It. Oh my, she bops around in her car seat and sings right along with the music. I seriously need to record her!
    • Hair appointments! Molly, Mary, and I are all having our roots touched up this week. Yay for sisters; they make the best babysitters!
    • Hearing Scarlett "talking" on the phone. It never gets old! Her little gibberish is too funny for words! I must record that, too! She still calls Santa the most to say, "baby ease! I nice!"
    • New Girl. Love, love, looooove Zooey Deschanel and her new tv show!!! "You've got some Schmidt on your face!" Hahahahaha!
    • And lastly, I'm loving anything Christmas-y. The Starbucks flavors for the season (& Dunkin Donut's!). The all-holiday music stations. Wrapping presents. Baking goodies. Reading Christmas books. Talking about Santa with the little ones. Christmas concerts. Driving by Santa's house and getting Scarlett all excited for Saturday night!!! Fun stuff!!!

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    1. Ok, now you've got me thinking about coffee at 10 pm. NOT a good choice...

      Merry Christmas!