Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday
  • Scarlett is SO about who is in fact the big sister and the baby sister.  She refers to Poppy most often as the big sister.  And we don't correct her because we think it's cute!  So not good.
  • We have all the cloth diapers ready to go, but I'm not ready yet.  I'm a terrible hippie mom and I'm starting to realize it!  I just am loving the smallness of 'sposies!  Once I run out, though, it's cloth all the way...for real.
  • Gisele having a baby girl named "Vivian" makes me kinda wish we'd gone with that name!  We were going to spell it with an "e" just like Vivien Leigh from Gone with the Wind, though!  Almost name twins!
  • We are going for it -- aluminum tree all the way this year!  Now I just really need to scrounge up a light and a stand...!
  • I straightened my hair and did a full face of make up only to realize that I hadn't even washed my face yet.   And I didn't wash it all off and start over.  I waited until after I'd run all my errands!
  • I voted for the People's Choice Awards.  I mean, how much free time do I have?!  Apparently, too much!  But I wanted to support Live! with Kelly and Michael!  Oh man, this is sounding worse and worse...I'll just stop here!


  1. Saw you through the link from Life After I Dew. I love your girls' names. I try to convince my husband of Poppy (not like we're pregnant or will probably ever have a girl, but...), but he's not into it. Yet.

  2. Thanks! Poppy was a hard sell to my husband, too...!