Sunday, December 9, 2012


We went to see Santa and his elves!  Scarlett is at the perfect age to start our family traditions and get excited about Christmas!  It makes me feel even more festive and DEFINITELY means I have to be on top of my stuff.  Scarlett gets into the whole festiveness of the season; we talk about Santa and his reindeer, read all of the best Christmas books, and we even watch classic Christmas movies!!!   (A bonus for this year is the fact that Poppy is still so little that I can focus on starting our traditions with just Scarlett!)  Next year, we can both show Poppy what is up!   This is going to be so fun!

"May I please have a guitar?"  --Scarlett to Santa this year...I was concerned that she didn't know what a guitar was.  She calls lots of instruments, "guitars."  I asked her what she would do with a guitar and she folded her right arm up and started strumming with her left hand.  Where did she learn that?!  So if she's a good girl, hopefully Santa will come through with a guitar!  ;)

Scarlett's pretty impressed!

This year, we're doing something a little different from the past few years; we're putting up Frank's vintage aluminum tree.  My family always put it up at his house, but then, after he died, I got it.  I was living with Tyler and Mary, so we put it up in our apartment.  The bulbs were so fragile and kept breaking, so to preserve them, we started using a real tree.  I let Scarlett pick -- real tree or silver tree -- and she wanted the silver tree!  Yessss!  It will be the first year that the little ones get to see the aluminum tree!  I stocked up on Christmas Wreath home fragrance and we're setting up the tree this afternoon!   Christmas traditions in the making...!

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