Sunday, December 2, 2012

It's going by too fast!

Guess who is ONE MONTH old...?!

Little Miss Poppy Ballerina!!!  I can't believe how quickly the last month has passed...

We have had a few changes to get used to, but it has been way less traumatic than I had anticipated before Poppy was born.  Spreading out my attention has the biggest challenge, but I'm getting so much better at it, so it's less threatening for Scarlett and she is working on not being in Poppy's face to give love.  She just wants to gobble her up, and Poppy is not having it!  Things are going so well, and I think that the transition has been so smooth because Poppy really is an angelbaby!

Poppy eats every hour or two, which cramps my social life with Scarlett's daily activities, but I just wrap Poppy in the moby wrap and that puts her to sleep until I can get home/to the jeep to nurse her.  So far, Poppy has been to the library, Scarlett's toddler time and "school" (play group), Governor's Restaurant (a few times!) and Friendly's, Gap, Old Navy, Children's Place, Bath & Body Works, and Walmart.  Lots of shopping and she's always long as I don't keep her in her car seat!  She is not a fan!

To leave the house, we do have to put Poppy in her car seat (obviously!), so the activity has to be pretty important to get us to leave the house.  It must be worth the trouble!  She cries and fusses as soon as she's strapped in.  The only things that can get her calmed down are her WubbaNub and just the movement of the jeep.  Not fun.  But it's the only difficult thing about her!


Her toes poking out crack me up!


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    1. Thanks! My babies are pretty funky looking, but the hair helps Poppy! And they grow out of it eventually...!