Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Baby 3??!

When Scarlett was just a month old, the thought of another baby was terrifying to me!  I couldn't imagine even being pregnant while taking care of Scarlett, let alone actually having TWO children to keep happy and healthy.

Already a grumpster!

But this time around, I feel so differently!  Poppy is an absolute perfect baby!  I had no idea Scarlett was a more difficult baby...I thought that I had it easy because there wasn't any crying or colic.  Maybe difficult isn't the right word, but she was very needy.  And she never slept!  Ever!  She just started actually sleeping through the night a few months ago.   Not Poppy!  My little angelbaby sleeps in 3-4 hour chunks at a time already!  She's even slept from 10pm-4am a few times!  Makes life a bit easier when you have some sleep!

Other than rocking it out in the sleep department, she's just an all-around calm, content baby.  Which brings me to baby 3...that is the big question in my mind these days.

Already putting up with Scarjo "love."

Tyler, before Poppy, was adamant that he wanted ONE baby.  Only one!  He always says, "Scarlett's perfect!  Why mess with perfection?  Let's quit while we're ahead!"  Well, look how that went...!  Now we have two and three just feels like the PERFECT amount of children.  To me.  Tyler is adamant that he wants no more babies!  But I'm twenty-nine.  How can I close up shop before my thirties?! That thought just makes me so sad.

Tyler does make good points.  If we stop now, we'll have time together while we're still young.  It'll cost less money and we can afford to give more to the kids we do have.  That's all true and everything, but my main reason for considering stopping now is just because I don't want my attention stretched too thin.  It was seriously the saddest thing for me when I knew that Scarlett would have to share me.  Knowing that I was giving her a sister did little to quiet my fears and guilt.

So baby 3 is still up in the air...but we have a few years to figure it out!  :)

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  1. Your girls are adorable!

    You still have time hun! I'm 29 and I don't have any kids, nor a husband! You will have another baby if it is right and meant to be :)