Thursday, July 12, 2012

Unproductive Thursday

Tyler has this week off  (yay!), so we went on a mini family trip to Boston until yesterday afternoon (so fun!), and now we're home and unpacked-ish.  Awesome!  Except there are a bajillion things that I need to do around the house, but I just can't get motivated, so I'm giving up and enjoying my lazy afternoon.  Inside on a beautiful 90 degree day.  Blogging instead of sunbathing my afternoon away, it should be against the law!  But at least while I'm inside, I'm making mental lists of all the things I'll do once Tyler is back at work.  It's almost like I'm doing something productive!

Mary is pretty much all moved out!  Her new apartment is so cute and already halfway set up, so that's exciting!  We're going through all the baby toys and dividing them up -- that is going to be a process because I half want her to take everything, but then Scarlett will be left with no toys, but I know that she wants to take lots for Lulu, but also not really take lots because she has a tiny apartment with only a little room.  It should be interesting to see how it all works out!

I wish that I was more like Melissa from Dear Baby.  She is adorable, sweet, and seems to be just a fantastic, earthy mama.  Plus she has a southern accent, so that's a huge win!  I'm just not that dainty or nice! But she did share a story about Everly that I can definitely relate to...Everly says, "Damnit!"  while Scarlett says, "Bitches!"  It reminds me of Pearl the Landlord.   I love that Melissa totally owned that she had a "parenting fail" moment -- I did too!

I was talking with Tyler about something, totally oblivious to little ears listening, when I said, "Bam, bitches!"  (Classy, right?!)  Anyway, the damage was done.  We tried to erase the bad word from Scarlett's memory by doing her fist bump thingy that "Da" does with all the little ladies, "Boom, hollar!"  Well, Scarlett had her own version, "Boom, holler, bitches!"  Ahhhh!  Suuuch a mom fail on my part!  We giggled, which didn't help things, but it seemed to disappear...until last night when Da was talking about "dollar bills" for the ride she went on while I was shopping.  Scarlett adds, "dollar bills, bitches!"  Oh no.

I had decided to ignore the bad word because attention would have encouraged her to repeat it, so hopefully that works.  Also, she's so young that I'm sure she she'll forget it, right?!

Now I must watch my language!  My sisters and I have our own slang and it's clearly not toddler appropriate!!!  Lesson learned!

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