Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Procrastinating MAJORLY

I should be cleaning my kitchen.  Like reeeeally should be cleaning it!  We decided to (finally!) replace our 1987 refrigerator (oh, the joys of buying a fixer upper!), but we had a little problem.  Our old fridge was built into the wall with cupboards above it, but we either need to find another fridge at the same exact size (impossible!) OR do some reconstruction ourselves.  Considering how much knowledge and skill we lack in the construction department, the idea of buying a new refrigerator was daunting!  Buuut, with a little encouragement from my family, we did it!  And it was just as not fun as we had imagined, though the finished product will be worth it!  We're also thinking that it will add value to our house because we are still selling as soon as baby 2 comes and I'm ready to show it to strangers...AKA once we get a housekeeper!  ;)

So instead of blogging, I should be cleaning the mess that was left behind:

Well, there is a new fridge here now, but you get the idea!  I have lots of work ahead of me!

But I'm choosing to air my dirty laundry online and sit in front of the fan!  With this heat wave we've been having, I would kill for central air!

So on to happier subjects...we went to Boston, MA for a mini vacation and I'm back with pictures!!!   We had so much fun...and I have to admit staying in the hotel was my favorite part!!!   There was a pool and free, delicious breakfast -- WOOHOO!  But while we weren't eating and swimming, we drove through Revere and into Boston to see the New England Aquarium, Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market, and riding the T (a rarity for us Mainers!).

Here is our vacation in pictures:

Scarjo always pushed the buttons for the "alligator."

Heading to the aquarium!

Coolest turtle ever!

"Ew.  Yucky!"  --Scarlett

Scarlett and her "Da"

She kept doing this weird puppy peeing pose.  Fruitcake!

Tyler needs new sunglasses, asap!

Mmmm...watermelon soft serve!  

Scarlett's train!  (or so she kept saying!)

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