Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Cards

It's so funny how our opinions change over time.  I look back at my old myspace page and wonder what I was thinking when I posted those pictures or wrote a cheesy update.  What I didn't realize was how opinions could change in just a year!

Just about this time last year, I was sending out the best ever Christmas cards.  (also my first ever!)  In my mind, this year, I was bound & determined to out-do myself.  The first attempt at Christmas pictures ended with frustration on my part and a messy Scarjo.  Not sure why I thought I could sit her down and have her stay still for longer than a few minutes!  Crazy!  The second attempt was completely accidental; Scarlett was in her jammies and had her hair all over the place, but she was cute and posing, so we went with it!

I was so bummed because I didn't feel like I had improved the Christmas cards of last year, but accepted that this year was a wash and we'd try again next year.  (Oh, the stresses of a SAHM!  Haha!)  The cards were ordered with the best pictures that we had.  Boom, done.  I was over it!

Then...I was looking through Scarlett's baby book and came across this bad boy:

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I still love how much we captured Alyssa and Scarlett's playful relationship, BUT I am less in love with it than I makes me happier with 2011's card!!!  Yes, Tyler's contribution was the back...he thinks he's hilarious! ;)

Oops...well that was a big tease!  Ok, here is this year's Christmas card, for reals:



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