Saturday, December 10, 2011

Its Official.

I am a blog creeper.  Ew.  (That's one of Scarlett's new words!)  I read all of my favorite blogs on a daily basis for the last few months, but have yet to actually post on my very own blog.  Slacker!  Or really it's a lot of laziness/Mary's here, so she knows all of my news.  Shame on me, though, because I use this blog as a baby book-ish record of Scarjo's babyhood and I have missed some pretty big things...

Take, for example, her only second Halloween ever.  I never wrote about how she was the leader of the pack, marching up all those stairs with some 'tude because she wanted her CANDY.  Her costume was a bat, btw.  Mary and I dressed Louisa and Scarlett as the same thing because nothing is cuter than a bat, other than TWO bats with shiny, black Mary Janes.  CUTIE-CUTES!  And we felt ironic because the last thing you'd expect these two sweet, innocent little ones to be dressed as are gross, creepy bats.  You'd expect princesses with frilly tutus, which will probably happen next year...  Not gonna lie, Scarjo has a thing for tutus.  I am not sure why, but I didn't see that one coming!  I thought Alyssa Lou was the tutu-wearer in the fam!

Another unblogged about event was Lulu's first birthday!  Worst. Aunt. Ever.  It was also the worst party ever, so samesies!  OMG, my family + the Clunies = AWKWARD DISASTER!  Mary and I tried to save it with our sparkling personalities, but Mary-Anne LaMarre (aka: Fancy Mum) was in the house and there was just no way around the completely uncomfortable divide that was at that party.  Next year, no in-laws!  Brian will be back, though, so yay!  Or maybe just two parties...or have the party on neutral ground (23 Morrill/our new pad because we best be selling this shizzzz!)...just a few ideas, Mar-wad!

Speaking of birthdays, Scarjo's 2nd one is right around the corner.  Holy cannoli, how did that happen?!?!  She is almost freakin' two.  Time for more babies, ASAP!  Not even kidding...

I'm thinking no party for this year, though.  Sads for me Scarlett, but I just cannot handle the in-laws (us Beal girls have some issues, eh?).  For reals, though...I'm having nightmares of my MIL trying to steal my little Miss Scarlett.  Like legit nightmares.  Something's got to change...and I'm thinking that Thanksgiving and Christmas are all the in-laws that my poor little stress-ball self can handle.  I do want to have a little get together with my friends, so that we celebrate Scarlett turning two in a mini way!  We'll see...!  Let's be honest, I just want to dress her in a personalized 2nd birthday outfit.  But they're so cute!

Something else that is blog-worthy/hilarious; Scarlett thinks that Louisa is her own personal real live baby doll.  She tries to walk her, brush her hair, push her in the baby get the drift.  Scarjo may also try to get on top of her to pig pile and sometimes rides her like a horse and says, "neigh!!!"  We're working on that! It is pretty entertaining, to say that least!  Poor Neiners!  (It rhymes with "weiners!"  Oh, did I not mention that is Louisa's nickname?  We can thank Scarlett for that one!)

Almost two is a pretty fantastic age, I will admit, even though she's turning into a child right before my eyes!  Scarlett calls Da, Santa, and Auntie Molly on the phone all. the.time.  She sits there, laughing, and then says, "funny!  no...yeah...Mamy, Mummy, Neinu...yeah, no, hahaha, funny!"  If it's Santa, though, she'll add an, "I nice!  Baby ease!"  It is probably my favorite thing to watch her do...I'll have to record that sometime!

So Christmas is only 15 days away!!!  Mostly all of my presents are wrapped and under the tree.  Woohoo! I know that there are going to be lots of last minute things that I'll have to do, so I'm pretty excited to be this far finished.

Lately, other than Christmas shopping, Mary, Lulu, Scarjo, and I have been going to Rhyme Time at the library, Toddler Time at the Alfond Youth Center, and socializing with Grammum and Alyssa at Cam's soccer and gymnastics practices!  Fun times in the 'ville!

Ok, now for new picturesssss!  This is the fun part:)

Stealing Mum's "wa-wa-yeah."

Weirdo!  She likes to play under tables.
Testing out the Halloween costume.

Personal. Life-size. Baby Doll.

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Scarjo loves her babies!!!

Alyssa, Scarlett, Louisa

Driving to Portland was exhausting.

First time on a carousel...less than impressed!


  1. Adorable pictures! Love the bat costume. Glad you're updating again. Keep on it: you'll be glad you did when she's older!

  2. Yay for blogger love! It's nice to know someone realized I was gone:)

    I think you are SO right, Tracey!