Sunday, December 18, 2011

There's nothing funnier...

...than a spunky three-year-old allowed to participate in an older kids' Christmas concert!  She definitely made my Sunday morning more fun; look at how entertaining Miss Alyssa was for the church audience:
(Sorry in advance for the poor picture quality...I was in church trying not to act like a freak with my camera!  AND Tyler confiscated my camera and turned off my flash.  Lame.)

She spotted her posse in the crowd!


and some waves!

She's an expressive singer!

That's normal...?!

Oh, Alyssa Lou!

OR an (almost) two-year-old eating cereal like a big girl!  Messy, messy!

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Please excuse the USWeekly pages that we had neglected to throw away!

OR that same (almost)two-year-old cheering on her older cousin & Camdyn!  SO serious!

Scarjo and Grammum, who she insists to call, "Mum!"  Ouch for me!
Lastly, there's nothing cuter than babies listening to Auntie Mary calling Santa!  

Mum's new adopted daughter, Camdyn, was in the Christmas concert, too!

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