Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Toddler Time is for the kids, right?!

When you're out at group events, the other moms scope each other out and sometimes...if you're lucky, you'll get "picked up."  You know this happens!  I remember my sister, Molly, would brag to me that another mom tried to pick her up at the playground.  I had no kids.  I thought she was crazy.  Now I get it.  Turns out, when you meet other cool moms who seem to be like you, you chat them up to see if they're interested in taking this new friendship further.  If they are interested, it could lead to endless play dates!

Well, it just so happened that I made myself a new friend!  Mary and I both went to toddler time after inviting an old college acquaintance to join us.  Her little boy was born exactly one month after Scarlett, so it is fun to compare watch them play together!  (And she's due at the beginning of March with baby #2!  Hello, baby fever!)  It's a win/win.  Now Scarjo has a new prospective friend, too!

While on the play date, there was another normal looking mom who was chatting me up!  I was on fire today; it must've been my stylish danskos.  Of course!  ;)

This whole mom-pick-up thing is like the new dating scene in my life; a little bit ridiculous, but what better way to meet friends who have similar interests with you?!

Toddler Time is my new favorite scene on Tuesday/Thursday mornings, yes!  Next up is Rhyme Time at the library...I'm sure there will be some nice, respectable moms there!  I'll just need to remember my camera next time.  Sadly, there are no pictures from today.  Mom fail!

Luckily, have I these gems from the other day:

Lulu with ONE ponytail!  You're right, Mary, she looks fifteen.

She's just chatting away on our walk!

And then had a little bit of a meltdown.  In the front lawn.  

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