Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Santa was at Subway...

...according to Scarlett, at least!  As we were eating dinner at Subway,* a nice old man walked in wearing a Santa hat.  The girls freeeeaked out!  Lulu and Scarlett just stared at him like creepers as he ordered his sandwich, and then as he walked out, he stopped and said hello to the girls.  (Sweet, old man!)  After they waved goodbye to "Santa," Scarlett hollered, "I nice!  Baby ease!"  Hilarious!  

I love how much she loooves Santa!!!  Her favorite thing to do these days is drive by Santa's house in Kringeville.  When he's not there, he's either in the North Pole checking on his elves or the big guy is a lazy arse** who is STILL sleeping.  Scarlett says, "Shhhh! Santa's seeping!"  ...and then she asks to drive by again and again and again!!   

Christmas is SO much more fun with babies!!!! 

Baking with Auntie Mary!

*Yes, I know the pathetic-ness of eating IN Subway, BUT it's so much less-stressful than eating in a real restaurant with waiters and free breadsticks and such.

**Just say it with an english accent; you'll feel fancy!

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