Saturday, April 6, 2013

Girls' Day!

Since Poppy has been born, Scarlett has really never been jealous until recently.  She loved Poppy and really enjoyed going to her regular events with Tyler when we were first home from the hospital.  Even after Tyler went to work, Scarlett never acted out or seemed to resent Poppy's need for my attention.  But a few weeks ago, I noticed that she would whine or need be held whenever I was holding or feeding Poppy.  (Annoying!) But to try and restore Scarlett's relationship with me and confidence of her place in our family, I decided to take time with just her.  Tyler had a couple days off, so I took advantage of it, and Scarlett and I were off to get mani/pedis!  Her choice!  I gave her a bunch of options and that's what she wanted to do.  Score for me!

It was much-needed and did a lot to repair any hurt feelings that she may have had!  Now I just need to make a point to do this more often...!  So much fun!

The rest of the day was a blast, too!  Tyler works so much that he misses out on Scarlett's activities, so it was a treat to have him help with the ladies around!

Big G's!
Gymnastics, lunch out, mani/pedis...and it was sunny!  Wicked awesome!