Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Links!

I have to say, I agree with Drew.

YAY!  Exciting news...and very surprising to me!

This non-foaming shampoo ROCKS my world!  Even Tyler noticed how great my hair looked after one use.

Scarlett's favorite show -- I don't feel that guilty letting her indulge.

In case I ever go to New York.

This baby!  It looks just like Poppy, but I can never quite capture her hair color.

With my 30th birthday quickly approaching, this seemed appropriate.

I freakin' love Prince Harry!

What?!  This is wicked awesome!

Marilyn Monroe when she was a little girl.

Stolen Diary Entry: Taylor Swift.

6 Signs It's Time To Start Taking Care of Yourself -- #5 is oh so true, for me.  Yeesh!

I keep forgetting about Jenna Marbles and all of her cheesy hilarity.


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