Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year...a bit late!

Well, I've been such a blog slacker lately!  I haven't even been reading even my favorite blogs -- and as much as I've missed them -- I just haven't been able to sit and concentrate enough to get into it again!  Scarlett is always there because I have been falling and staying asleep every night so far this year.  2013 has been great on sleep, but not so great on free time!

Though, tonight, I'm totally switching it up; Downton Abbey is BACK!  Yesssss!  You have no idea how excited Tyler I am about this!

But back to my needs some updating, so here we go:

Scarlett is about to turn THREE in less than two weeks.  She's pretty much a rockstar toddler!  Right now she is obsessed with Dr. Jean, especially Tooty Ta.  All. the. time.  I am actually excited about this new obsession; it brings me back to my days spent in kindergarten classrooms!

Scarlett is still high maintenance in that she needs me for nothing, but WANTS me for everything.  Getting dressed?  Has been doing it herself for weeks, but suddenly would rather have me dress her.  Picking up her toys?  Needs "help."  Going potty?  About 50% of the time, she calls to me to either put her seat on the toilet or to turn on the light.  All of these things have been mastered, but she has apparently forgotten that she's a big girl.  A-NNOY-ING.  Mostly.  Sometimes it is fun to be "needed" by her again!

Now that Scarlett is almost three, she is starting to fit into 3T clothing.  I never thought that'd happen; she's been a size 24m/2T for so long!  Her feet are still a size 7.  Yay for hand-me-downs from Lulu!

I do let her watch PBS, especially if she is being extra annoying.  (Am I allowed to call my own darling daughter annoying?)  I feel harsh, but sometimes I just need a minute to think straight or do my make up!  She only watches Daniel Tigers' Neighborhood and Sesame Street -- and she loves them!

I am excited for SPRING when we can just let the little ones (Alyssa, Lulu, Scarlett!) run crazy outside -- being cooped up is a bummer!  Thank goodness we have the library, toddler time, and "school" for me Scarlett to get out of the house!

In addition to those fun activities, Scarlett really enjoys playing with her babies!  All of them!  At once.  She really is Angelina Jolie in the making!

Her favorite baby!

She's such a good mummy to her babies and an even better big sister to Poppy Ballerina!  Her "love" is a bit rough sometimes, but she really does care for her baby sister and Poppy can't get enough of watching Scarlett everywhere she goes!  It makes me happy that they love each other already -- I hope it lasts through their childhood!

Fancy tutus for Grammum's birthday!

Poppy is still an angelbaby!  She is already TWO months old and becoming so alert!  She loves to "talk" and just absorb her surroundings.  Her sleeping pattern is really 80% sleep and 20% happy, smiling baby!  Poppy is just amazing and very little work on my part!  Now I absolutely want at least one more...!  Tyler is slowly getting on board!  ;)

Less smiley here...!

Happy New Year!  I'm actually just hoping that 2013 brings more of the same; 2012 was such a great year!

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