Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Birthday Recap!

Little Miss Katie Scarlett turned THREE on January 19.  It was an eventful 48 hours -- between everyone's works schedules and Alyssa's time with her dad, no one was free to get together for one big party, so we had an unconventional birthday fun that lasted all weekend!  First up was a mini-party at Grammum's, so Alyssa could be included and so Scarlett could blow out candles on a birthday cake.  The cake was a very important part for Scarjo!

She insisted that the cake said, "Happy Birthday Katie Scarlett!"

Grammum, Poppy, Auntie Molly, and Alyssa Lou!

Barbie gift decoration!  Grammum rocks!

Sister picture on the 18th

Her last day as a two-year-old!

Happy girl!

Friday night was a looong night for me!  After Scarlett's party, we went home, I put the babies to sleep while Tyler picked up her big gift, and then we both worked on getting ready for the big day!  Tyler put together the truck while I wrapped all the gifts!

I wanted Scarlett to wake up to fun surprises, so we had her big gift set up and ready for her to play with it...

She was surprised!

Scarlett in her new truck!
 Once she played with the truck for a bit, we headed out to Tim Horton's for our birthday doughnut tradition!

The birthday girl gets to pick out all 12 doughnuts!  Once she's started eating her favorite (usually the one with the most sprinkles!), the rest of us cut off little pieces of the different doughnuts and talk about all of our birthday plans!

After dropping Tyler off at work, we headed home to get ready.  Next up?  PEDICURES with Auntie Mimi and Lulu!  It was Scarjo's first pedicure ever!  She was psyched and it was so fun to hear her try to say, "pedicure," over and over!  Cute!

A little apprehensive!  

Lulu was less excited about the pedicure and decided to just get her nails painted!

Old pro by this point!
Grammum, Auntie Molly, and Cam met us at the nail salon, too -- parties!  Once all of our toes were pretty, Grammum, Scarlett, Poppy, and Cam went to get lunch and Tyler while Molly and I tanned!!!  Yesss!

Mary and Lulu went on their way to the Children's Museum and Tyler, Poppy, the birthday girl, and me drove to meet them -- there was still more birthday fun to be had!

As you can see, babies were breaking down and needed some DINNER!  Off to Red Robin we went...!  It was such a fun birthday for Scarlett!  She was excited to be THREE.  She equated being three with being a big girl, officially.  It's pretty silly how all the little ones just want to be "big."  

The wait staff was singing to her -- she was SO excited!  (even if you can't tell!) 

When we got home, Scarlett opened the gifts from Tyler and me.  The actual opening of the gifts was the best part -- what was inside was less important to her until the next day!

I tried to capture a picture of me with the birthday girl without much success...

Looks away at the last minute...

Okay, finally she looks!  But then I look wonky!

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