Wednesday, January 23, 2013

So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday

  • I ran into my husband's ex...while I had on no make up and was wearing Tyler's old sweatshirt.  Ugh!
  • Scarlett has gone from being called "ScarJo" to just plain "SJ."  Yuck, I know, but it just slides off the tongue...
  • Celebrating Scarlett's birthday is more fun than when it's my own!
  • Ordering the birthday cake was a process...and I even cancelled the first one two days before I needed it.   It was already made.  That just confirmed the fact that canceling the order was the right decision!
  • Tyler told me that On Demand only gets new shows on Tuesday.  I believed him.  I would only check my On Demand only on Wednesday mornings for months.
  • I have started tanning.  It is such a guilty pleasure for me and I look forward to those 20 minutes of peace and quiet, but I know that I'll have to do it in moderation AND stock up on anti-aging creams now!
  • The temperature here is -6 degrees.  I'm not bringing these babies out, but instead of getting things caught up around the house, I'm getting caught up with my favorite blogs!
  • Yesterday, I bought more ''s pretty much the way we do diapers around this house...maybe permanently.  Earth mama FAIL.


  1. Oh girl I miss tanning, it's true. It's so relaxing and warm. Especially with these stupid frigid temps we are having! I might have to break out the fake bake to make me feel somewhat better.

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