Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nameberry = my bestie!

So, Scarlett and I went to our first monthly appointment yesterday afternoon to hear baby 2's heartbeat!  It was really there, so I guess baby 2 is for real!  Now that my sickness has gotten better, my symptoms seem to have disappeared, so the fact that I'm pregnant still seems surreal.  But there was a heartbeat!  It was beating 150 bpm...seem in the higher range to you?!  My first sign that it could be a girl!  But we'll see...!

When I found out that Scarlett was a girl, I knew immediately that her name would be Katie Scarlett, but with baby 2, I've turned to to help me out.  I have a few names that I love.  Tyler's already vetoed my favorite, but lucky for me, his vetoes don't count!  ;)

Okay, here we go, I'm spilling the names early, but who really knows what we'll end up going with.  Here are my favorites for a baby girl...

  1. Prudence.  I am in love with this name!  To me, it's classy, clean-cut, and different.  (Tyler hates it.)  Pru is the sweetest nickname.  It means "caution" but I clearly don't choose names for their meanings; Scarlett means "red."  Also, I don't know any other people named Prudence; this is huge for me!
  2. Vivien Leigh.  Um, hello, how perfect does that go with Katie Scarlett?!  Can we say I'm juuust a little obsessed with Gone with the Wind?! Yes.
  3. Marilyn.  I have been in love with Marilyn Monroe since forever.  If I choose to name baby 2 Marilyn, it will be very tempting not to just name her Marilyn Monroe Smith; it has a nice ring to it!
So far I have a few names that I feel lukewarm about.  Boys names are hard.  (Anything will be better than "Hawkins."  Yikes, what were Tony and Candace thinking?!)   Obviously, I love the name "Maximilian" after my brother, even though at the moment he is not exactly uncle of the year.  Here are a couple others...

  1. Theodore.  Theo is a cute nickname.
  2. Frankie.  This is actually my favorite boy name!  I might name him "Francis," but will for sure use the nickname, "Frankie."  Cute!
And that's all I've been considering so far...I really can't wait to find out the sex.  I think it'll be sometime in June...only 8 more weeks!

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