Monday, April 16, 2012

Baby 2

I wrote this post an hour after finding out I was pregnant with baby 2.  It's fun to go back and see exactly what I was thinking when I was still in shock.  Once the shock wore off, my feelings changed about a lot of things, but it's fun to look back and watch me freak out all over again!!!  

We are having another baby!!!!  I just took the test tonight, right before my shower, and there were instantly two lines!  I was silent happy squealing as I jumped into the shower.  After I lathered and rinsed, I hopped out, moisturized, brushed my teeth, threw on some jammies, grabbed the test, and flew down the stairs to share my exciting news.  It was fun to have my very own secret for a few minutes, but I was dy-ing to tell Tyler and Mary.

They. were. shocked.  So was I, really, but I had been thinking of every scenario with Scarjo as if I already had another baby, kind of like I was mentally preparing myself for baby 2 for a while.  We knew we wanted more babies, it just was faster than we had anticipated.

 Last fall, I had taken a few negative pregnancy tests when my period was a few days late, so this time around, when I was late, I just kept thinking it was coming.  It took us so long to get pregnant with Scarlett that there was no way I thought it'd happen so quickly.

After the excitement wore away a little, I started feeling nervous, like 'OMG, are we really doing this all over again?!'  Then I got even more excited thinking about Scarlett having a little baby in the house.  She will be in heaven!  It makes me a sad that it won't be just me and Scarjo.  I want Scarlett to be my helper and for us to still be a pair; I just don't want to lose my one-on-one time with Scarlett and with two little ones, that will be impossible.  I'm determined or this baby to only affect her in a positive way.

Then I started thinking logistics.  We have got to get Scarlett sleeping in her own room.  I mean, she's in her own bed finally but we are going to have to move it into her bedroom.  Oh!  And I want to move! And I need to potty train Scarlett!!!!  Eeek, stressful list of things to do before this fall!!!

We have no idea how far along I am.  I'm excited to call my OBGYN tomorrow!!!  I went to my annual last month and told my nurse that we are hoping to get pregnant, so telling her our happy news will be fun!

I have yet to share the news with anyone other than Mary and Tyler (obvs.).  This time around, I want to do things differently, though I'm not sure how differently, yet.  I'm hoping to blog more about the pregnancy along with my Scarlett posts.  My pregnancy with Scarlett isn't super-documented and I wish now that I had done a better job.  I also want to go to the gender ultrasound with just Tyler, Mary, Scarjo, and Lulu...or maybe just Tyler...and then be able to tell everyone the gender ourselves in a fun, unique, pinterested-idea way, but we'll see...

For now, I'm just excited, nervous, exhausted, and determined to not get super-fat!!!  Wish me luck...!

PS--I have already misplaced the first pregnancy test that I took...this pregnancy is already different than the first!  I kept all 500 of those bad boys in my top drawer for months!  (ew?  I think so now.)

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