Thursday, August 25, 2011

Halloween 2012

You may be asking yourself, "Already?!  What a nut case."  But, yes, Scarlett (& Louisa's!)  Halloween costumes have been purchased and are in the process of being shipped as we speak.  And while what they're actually dressing up as must remain a secret, I have to share some sweet things that I've spotted along my journey to finding the perfect costume.  Oh so many adorable options for Halloween day!

Scarlett's obsessed with kitties, so these would be perfect!
Clothes with "Daddy" sayings are. not. allowed.  There can never be enough of these sayings, though! 
Honestly, all of these would be acceptable, but I'm dying for the princess jammies!  (and can we talk about those ballet slippers?!  LOVE.)
Sweet!  Just not sure if Scarjo could pull off all that orange!
Gotta love Etsy!
If only Tyler could pick her costume...yikes.
Not her costume, but I kiiinda wanted it to be...!
Absolutely love this, this, and this!

Here is Scarlett last year on her first Halloween, my little cupcake, with Princess Tiana! 

All bundled up for trick-or-treating!

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