Thursday, September 1, 2011

I blame potty training?!

While out & about with my sister and all of the little ladies, but after my nalgene of water AND a large iced coffee, I had to race to the nearest public bathroom quickly, with Scarlett in tow.  I fly into the stall, grab the paper seat cover out, and try to rip out the middle, but as I'm in the process of ripping, I look over and Scarlett has her hands in the toilet water and is playfully splashing it around!!!!  Ahhhh!  Funniest Grossest thing ever.  I whip out my wet ones while I use the restroom and then we scrub, scrub, scrub with copious amounts of soap and warm water.  Blech!  That was how my most uneventful eventful day began...more updates (& pictures!) to come...!

HAPPY SEPTEMBER!  I already have my Fall wreath on the front door and pumpkin shots in my coffee! 

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