Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oh Dear.

Scarjo loooves trucks.  When we're driving around town, she'll be quietly munching in the back while Mary and I chitchat, then out of the blue, she'll yell, "tuck!"  It cracks me up!  If I spot the truck first, I'll always point it out, so she says, "tuck!"  Well, we were tooling around this morning and I saw a truck, so I said, "Scarjo, look!  It's a truck!  Isn't it a big one?!"  And then in my head, I said, that's what she said."  Eeeek!  I mentally gasped, and thought, "have I been spending too much time with Tyler and his dirty jokes!"   

...But then I read this post.  If MODG can drop a TWSS, so can I!!!  Turns out I'm not a dirty creeper after all.  

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