Wednesday, May 4, 2011

So What Wednesday

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Today, I'm saying SO WHAT if...

  • I'm really enjoying my free time at night.  Tyler is in Alabama for work and I have the house to myself!
  • Sometimes I don't make it to the gym simply because I don't have anything to wear.  I swear finding cute enough clothes that are still comfy is the worst part!  If I had someone who would just dress me, I'd be WAY more likely to actually get to the gym on those days when I'm not really feeling it.
  • I ate french fries dipped in a chocolate shake for dinner.  Right after the gym confession this seems lots more scandalous!  (Hey, it cuts calories because there was no dessert!) 
  • My roots are inches long...I have a hair appointment to rectify the situation soon!
  • I love Scarlett's sassy looks!  Really, I should be discouraging them, but they crack me up!
  • While having the house to myself has been a party every night, I do get wicked freaked out by any small noise.  I'm definitely not used to being alone!
  • Rob Lowe and Shania Twain both have books out that I MUST read!  (Clearly, I've been watching too many talk shows to know about them.)
  • Oh!  A highlight of my day was learning that Ulta will be carrying Butter London nail polish!!!  Yes!  (Don't worry, No More Waity, Katie, was on my toes as I watched the Royal Wedding and festivities at 4am!)
  • I'll be SO all set if Tyler watches The Voice without me while he's away, buuuut, I may have already sneaked a peek!

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  1. i totally feel you with the gym and having a cute outfit to wear. if i don't feel confident going in with my outfit it just won't be a good workout! i think thats normal - right?! if not i'm glad that were together on this one!