Monday, February 21, 2011

Thirteen Months and Two Days.

Lovin' those mixed berries for breakfast!
She's thirteen months old now, so I really need to write a post about Scarlett because this blog is a huuuge chunk of what I use as a baby book.  I know, I know, I've been neglecting this blog, so that tells you how great I am at keeping a record of my only child's first year of life.  Yikes.  Sooo, here's a Scarjo update:

Her favorite things to eat are bananas, blueberries, cheese, tomato sauce, and fruit strips.  Now this is bizarre because Scarlett wouldn't touch fruits until a few months ago; she much preferred veggies.

Scarlett CAN crawl and walk when holding onto something!  Phew!  Woohoo!

Choo Choo Soul makes her world a better place.  As much as I'm against television, I (kind of.) approve of Choo Choo Soul.  First of all, Alyssa watched it constantly and she turned out perfect!  (not sure if that counts as a very educated reason, but I had to include it because I totally use it as rationalization.)  Secondly, Scarlett only watches it on Tyler's cell phone screen either when she's having a freak out or while I'm showering.  Anything is okay, in moderation, right?!  Third on my list, it's FUN!   I love the music, the fact that it's educational, and the fact that Scarlett's learning new things.  (I know I just sounded like Mum.)  She now says, "Choo choo!" to the train that goes around the Governor's restaurant. 

Scarlett would much rather play with electronics, shoes, art projects, light switches, and bottles of pills that rattle than any of her own crazy-amounts of toys.  This makes my life just a bit more challenging, but that's okay.

She screeches to get something she wants--we really need to work on new words.  She knows choo choo, Rex, hot, blow, mum, and that puppies say, "ruff ruff!"  Scarjo also knows what NO means.  When I tell her "no," though, she just starts to cry and push away anything that's near her.  (Just one example of when she turns into monsterbaby.)

Not being a monsterbaby here!

She loves to dance!

As of 2/19, she weighed 18lbs and 9oz.

Scarlett enjoys playing with other kids.  So far, she's met kids at the gym daycare, playdates with Delia, Greyson, Maeve, the Stout boys, open swim, and Alyssa Lou!

For things to do, we go outside for walks, clean the house, go grocery shopping, to the gym, and to open swim.  We read books and hold hands while she practices walking.  She can entertain herself with toys on the floor while I cook, but she usually wants to help out!

Scarlett was 21" long on 2/1/11.
Looking a little tired.

Valentine's Day with Little Miss!

Yes, she still sleeps with us.

Playing on Alyssa's new bed!

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