Saturday, February 19, 2011

My "What I'm Lovin'" List

I had to use this idea because it's fun and I get to think about things/people that make me happy!

MODG!  I heart, heart, heart x100!  Sitting down at my computer to get caught up on old  MODG posts with a sleeping baby and a Great One (DD Great Ones make me SUPER-happy!) is heaven!  (Mary, I totally give you full credit for discovering modg, but you really should be looking for more fun blogs and let me's like music while you're away.  It's your job.)

Alyssa and Scarlett loving each other.  It makes me so happy that they are there for each other--they have no idea that they'll be each other'd best friend, but I do!  I have two sisters who are my very best friends and I'm lovin' the fact that Alyssa, Scarlett and Louisa will have that security in each other.  They're sisters really more than cousins!  (and soon I'll have pictures of Louisa with the girls--she will be here in March!)

Valentine's Day 2011
Repotting my plant.  I love that I realized (after a week of watering & sunning) that my plant was dying due to it's super-duper teeny pot.  Once I repotted that baby, BAM!  All was right in it's world and it is happy and green and that makes me happy!  Especially since it didn't take my mother coming over and harping on me for not taking care of my plant!  I feel like a grown-up!

Scarlett's mobility.  She can crawl everywhere and can walk along furniture and walls.  After being slightly concerned by the fact that she wasn't crawling at 11 12 months, I'm relieved that she was just a late bloomer!

Clean floors.  I'm lovin' clean floors because they make me breathe easier when Scarlett's all over them!

Daydreaming of REALLY fixing my house.  I have colors already picked out for the siding.  Chocolate brown or slate blue.

Seattle's Best leveled coffee.  It's awesome--I brew level 5 and it tastes like Starbuck's Caffe Americano!

Sales, sales, sales!!!  I love buying (baby clothes especially!) items at a discounted price.  It's even more fun when I go home and tell Tyler!  Our conversation goes a little like this:

Me: "Guess what I paid for this super-awesome, sweater." 

Tyler: "$20."

Me: "Nope!  Only $15.  Normally, it was $99.50, then TJMaxx's price was $70.00, then $35.00, then it was on super-sale for FIFTEEN DOLLAHS, MAKE YA HOLLA!  WOOHOO!!  I am a bargain shopper, welcome."

(He's doesn't get as excited as I do about my savings, but he should.)

I also am a recent lover of aerobics.  Anything that gets me exercising without me really knowing it, is a good thing, but on top of  the fun of it, there's fun, happy music, and peer pressure to really make me work hard.  Love it!

The View.  I just love the ladies from The View and I love to disagree with them.  Also, I usually love Whoopi, but I think that she acts a bit superior to some of the ladies(Sherri, which I kind of get because she is a little annoying!)/guests and seems sometimes bored by the conversation.  Perk up, Whoopi! 

A few more...
Tara, Dr. Jean, Discovery Toys, Funky Monkey snacks, NY&Co.

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