Saturday, September 11, 2010

(Stolen) Fun Idea...!

I love to read Brittany's blog about her two adorable boys because she has great educational activities to steal, but recently she posted a neat blog that I had to make my own! Here are my "always, sometimes, nevers" in no particular order:

think about Alyssa when she's gone
drink 64 oz of water each day
feel excited when I think about next summer with Alyssa, Scarlett and Louisa
facebook stalk my sisters
wake Scarlett up with, "Good morning, Sunshine!" to start her day off happy
read daily, multiple times
give Scarlett lots of kisses--she is delicious
count things
browse for baby headbands did I not dress newborn Scarlett in headbands??
listen to pop music. I'm a teeny-bopper at heart.
have yummy candles burning

watch cheesy tv...and always feel embarrassed about it
drink Dunkin' Donuts coffee + pumpkin for a special treat perfect for Fall
feel guilty for not filling out more of Scarlett's baby book
miss school, but would rather be home with my baby Scarjo
get angry that Mary moved to Alaska...ALASKA! Crazy lady!
wear fake eyelashes
have cheat days, but feel horribly gross the next day
remember my re-usable grocery bags
dry my clothes outside...yum!
make the bed

stop reading a book without finishing it...except Eat, Pray, Love
feel like I have enough sleep
drink diet coke...that will change when I stop nursing!
have left Scarlett...I'm not sure when I'll be ready to do that
knew how much work it is to have kids...and my mom had 4!
knew how fiercely protective I would feel about the babies in my life
get sick of listening to 80's Madonna
will buy a fixer-upper house again
don't feel like eating pizza
want a small, yappy dog again
mail Mary packages on time...but they're so heavyyyyy!

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