Friday, September 17, 2010

Out With The Old...

And in with a new car seat for Scarjooooo!  I totally took the advice from a friend who recommended the Combi Coccoro...I think it was the "strawberry shake" color that completely sold me!  Scarlett's already too big for the infant insert, but it's still super-cute & girly!  I do have to admit that there is already a mark on the stomach pad:(  Alyssa, being the amazing older cousin that she is, shared her apple juice with Scarlett and Scarlett spilled it all over herself!  But it's definitely fixable.

Here's a picture of Miss Scarlett smiling because she was so grumpy in her car seat!

Oh, and while we were at it...we got Scarlett the 8-month-teether by Combi!  It even teaches her how to hold a sippy cup...amazing!

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