Monday, September 6, 2010

I kind of rocked it out!

My little chiquita has been super-constipated (sorry. tmi.) since Friday. :( It was awful when she did poo because she cried...SO obviously I fixed it. In less than 12 hours. So I kind of rock! I mean, clearly this is kind of gross and I can't believe I'm blogging about baby poo, but I'm so excited that Scarlett feels better! You have no idea how stressful it was knowing that she was not feeling well. I just googled what to do...and called my mom! I only nursed Scarjo today, but she was still kinda hungry, so off to Wal*Mart we went to stock up on PRUNES! (& Bugles for Little Miss!) For lunch, Scarlett had prunes and water...and for dinner Scarlett had prunes and water! After dinner, I gave her a warm bath and that all did the trick. Woohoo! Now we can all sleep (much) more peacefully than last night! To make this whole day better, turns out Scarlett loooooooves prunes. What a fruitcake! Ha! Here are the pictures to prove it!

Also, today Scarlett went with Auntie Molly & Alyssa for an hour while Tyler and I cleaned the house of our 4th (& hopefully last!) showing. It was her first time away from me. Ever. It was so helpful because cleaning with a 7-month-old who must be held constantly is pretty impossible! I can't believe Auntie Molly was the first one to watch Scarlett without me!

PS--I have 3 followers now! YAY!

PPS--Miss Louisa might be arriving tomorrow...let's hope for a healthy baby with too little fluid, so the doctors induce...! That would work!

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  1. I can't believe you shared Scarlett poo stories with the world. I'm totally telling her when she hits junior high!! High five though, and weird that she likes prunes. Your baby truly is an old man!!

    Scaryyyy that you trusted Molly with her for an hour... and she survived! No near drowning incidents!

    Yay for babiesssss and selling the house. All your enthusiasm makes me feel like I should pack hospital bags!