Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

It's Tyler's first Father's Day! He made my first Mother's Day really special, so the bar has been set really high for his first Father's Day. Shoot! For something special, I painted Scarlett's feet and stamped them on a paper that says, "Happy Father's Day! Love, Scarlett." Hopefully he appreciates the effort! It's quite a challenge to get decent footprints from a 5-month-old!!! But she loved having her feet painted--so fun! And so far, Father's Day has been great for Tyler! My mom brought him coffee & breakfast first thing in the morning! Now we're walking downtown with Scarlett, then we're grilling for dinner! It should be a fun day:)

Tyler and Scarlett<3

Scarlett turned 5 months old yesterday--and she rolled over for the 4th time--woohoo!!!

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