Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Today Scarlett tried rice cereal for the first time. Yay! She liked it more than I thought she would. I don't think any actually made it into her belly, but she still had fun! I just thought it was the cutest when she had cereal all over her face; almost a cute as the dried milk that she has caked onto her cheeks in the morning!!!!

I received my starter package for my new career as a Discovery Toys Educational Consultant--woohoo! Opening all the toys felt like Christmas--Scarlett loooved the Super Yummy teether! And then the fun really started...Grammum brought over Little Miss Alyssa and she went through ALL the new toys!!! I learned lots about the toys from watching Alyssa play/it was a flashback to my childhood since I grew up with most of them! It was great to see the upgraded versions of my favorite toys though! I think Alyssa's absolute favorites were the Marbleworks starter set and the Busy Bugs learning set!
I saw Alyssa lots today; Molly brought her voting! Grammum even let Alyssa put the ballot in the box--she was so proud of herself! Hopefully Steve Rowe wins...!

It's Tuesday night, so you know what that means...Glee! (4 hours earlier than Alaska!)


  1. That picture is fantastic!! Almost more fun than the videooooo!!

  2. That is the BEST picture! It should be submitted somewhere because it's priceless...

    Good luck with the DT sales! I think the entry package was worth the price just to get all of the toys back when my eldest was little. I tried my hand at it but I wasn't motivated enough to make it work. Best wishes!