Friday, June 4, 2010

Ta Da! I did it!

Scarlett, almost there!

Finally, I have a for real blog up and running...or at least, almost! Since this is my first blog, I was going to give a little info about me, but too many things happened yesterday that I just have to fill you in first...!

My sweet baby Scarlett rolled over for the first time!!!! I am so proud! Of course, she wasn't able to roll over again for the camera, but I did get some shots of her attempts! If I'm feeling brave/Scarlett doesn't wake up, I may try to add those to this blog...we'll see!

Another first for Scarlett yesterday...she had her first teething cookie! I'm not gonna lie, she seemed a little confused when she tasted it, but kept chomping right along! The cutest part is the crumbs all over her face and fingers! Love it!

We also visited the Farmer's Market for the first time ever...although I'm not sure what took me so long! There are so many great things that I'm definitely going to make the Farmer's Market a weekly visit! The chocolate, chocolate chip whoopie pies were a big hit in the Smith household!

Ahhh, ok, I'm off to enjoy the rest of my night! I love Scarlett, but it's so relaxing when she's in bed for the night!

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