Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy July!

Now that it's July, that means Mary's due with my niece next month! Woohoo! And that leaves me time to send more baby clothes for Louisa!!!! Apparently Scarlett's feet have tripled in size since the last time she wore shoes, so get excited, Louisa Margaret. Just sayin'--that has a nice ring to it! Or Louisa Meggie. Did you hear about the little girl named Meggie Maisie Lady Gaga???!!! Hilar! And I kind of love it! Anyway, I went to choose which shoes she will be wearing with her party dress on my birthday and NONE of her little, silver ballet flats fit! (Yes, she has a number of pairs of little, silver ballet flats...and yes, I have already picked out what she will wear for my birthday!!! I'm turning 27, but age doesn't make birthdays any less of a big deal in our family!) Back to Scarlett's shoe issue...I guess that she will just be wearing frilly socks with her pretty, pink party dress next Tuesday. Babies don't really need shoes anyway...although I can't wait until she fits in her little jellies from Alyssa...!

It's been pretty uneventful here in the 'Ville; just lots of Alyssa fun and Scarlett giggles! Alyssa figured out that every time she brushes her hair against Scarlett's skin, Scarlett laughs non-stop, so that's just what Alyssa did all evening! So much fun to watch them starting to be able to play together! Alyssa still thinks Scarlett is broken because she can't walk or eat real food. What good is she then?!?!?!

Here's Alyssa about to tickle Scarlett! I love the look of anticipation on Scarlett's face!

It's Little Miss! ♥

I'm exhausted, but Scarlett is sound asleep upstairs and I'm giddy with excitement that I have a few moments to myself without a baby sleeping on my what to do! Should I go to bed and get some much-needed sleep OR should I facebook my night away...hmmm!

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